Collection: Ashton Soap Works

Our bars are made with natural ingredients such as oils, butters and clays.  One of our fav ingredients is Mango Seed Butter!  Mango Seed Butter has an abundance of Vitamin E and Vitamin C helping to hydrate and nourish the skin, it also helps to protect our skin from nasty free radicals and UV damage. Yes, to all the help we can get!  One of the benefits of Craft Cold Processed soaps is the creator can "Super Fat" the recipe so that your skin gets all the awesomeness from the incredible ingredients in the bar!  Ashton Soap Works creates small batches of Craft Cold Processed Soap.  Each bar is a unique experience.

Allow bar to dry between uses in a tray that drains well!  Want your bar to last?  Simply cut it in half, and save for later!

Seed paper is a special eco-friendly paper made from post-consumer materials embedded with wildflower seeds.  When you plant the paper in a pot of soil or outside in a garden, the seeds in the paper germinate and grow into pretty wildflowers. Win win!